I Don’t Particularly Care For Dan Stevens’ Blasé Attitude About Leaving Downton Abbey

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Dan Stevens at the GLAAD Media Awards March 2013Okay Dan Stevens, we get it.  Your last appearance on Downton Abbey was a month ago and you think we should all just get over it.  You've done away with Matthew Crawley's goldilocks and recently unveiled a broodier hair color, reminding all of us that your Downton days are over.  But may I just say, sir, that there is no need to brush off our feelings about your departure in such an apathetic, dare I say annoyed manner?  Psshh:

“It’s nice that people care, I suppose, about the show, but yeah, you know . . . I had to do what I had to do,” Stevens told the AP on Thursday. At a Manhattan event to promote tourism in the U.K. “It’s a show that means a lot to a lot of people and, you know, we’ve obviously gone into a lot of homes on a Sunday night, so people feel very close to the show, which is great.”

Are you patronizing me, Dan Stevens?  I don't think that you and O'Brien (let's not pretend we can remember her real name…Siobhan something?) fully understand the negative impact your “career” choices have had on my life.  When Maggie Smith decides to jump the Downton ship I guess I'll just have no other choice but to slit my wrists, then, is that what you're saying?

When someone mentioned that his new look caused something of an “internet sensation,” he seemed shocked.  I guess he just can't comprehend how polarizing he is these days!  Jeez.

“Really? There’s so much else going on in the world.”

Really, Dan? Like what?  That stuff that's happening in Syria?  George Clooney‘s relationship status?  Please.  Don't be so condescending.  It's not a good look on you.  Kind of like your brown hair.

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