8 Downton Abbey GIFs To Celebrate The Season Premiere Tonight

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Downton Abbey season four cast photo 2013 2014

Okay, so we all know that the upcoming season of Downton Abbey is going to start off on a depressing note (we still haven't forgiven you, Benedict Arnold Dan Stevens), but that hasn't stopped me from being incredibly excited to welcome the Crawley clan back into my Sunday night lineup!

I can't say I know for sure how Downton will assert itself this season (despite these spoilers), since the relationship between Matthew and Mary was the crux of the show.  Matthew was behind a lot of the character connections and plot lines within the show, so Stevens' departure affects everything and everyone and then some.  That being said, I'm looking forward to Mary's suitors (once the traditional mourning period ends, of course) and all of the new cast additions.  And also the return of Shirley MacLaine, whose character on the show should basically just wear a giant American flag and a bunch of costume jewels. Huzzah and enjoy these celebration GIFs!



Here's to more Molesely and more of this Molesely face in season four!



Okay, so we're going to have to balance out all of the Molesely joy with some of this.  I mean, Mary's husband did die the exact same day their baby was born. Whew.



Is a Mrs. Hughes/Carson the butler hookup in the works?  My guess is no, but a girl can dream.



And of course we can't forget about Isus, the Dog Who Lives Forever, since the show has spanned 11 years since it begun and this dog is still as spunky as a sprightly little Lab pup.



Mrs. Patmore, all day err day.  ‘Nuff said.



Okay, I threw this one in just to be cruel.  But to also remind us of happier times! (Fuck you, Dan Stevens.  Just bite me. )



Okay, so can Edith finally land a man that isn't old/married/weird/obviously going to break her heart?  Maybe she can stay single and join the women's movement!  Or become the next Virginia Woolf or something.  No more “Oh, Edith” story lines please!



And finally, please let Cora and her Unsightly American Ways throw a little life into the Crawley home.  Something tells me my girl Shirley Mac and Paul Giamatti will help out this season.

(Photo: PBS)