The Downton Abbey Cast Responds To The ‘Water Bottle-Gate’ Photo In The Most Delightful Way

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Downton Abbey season five promotional photo with water bottle

Everyone loves a good blunder, amiright? Especially everyone on the internet, who took the Downton Abbey Water Bottle-Gate photo oops and not only pointed out the egregious historical error repeatedly, but also turned it into a hilarious meme almost immediately. I laughed so hard at some of those photos, you could actually classify it as “guffawing”, because I love a good blunder parody almost as much as I love a good blunder.

Apparently so does the cast of Downton Abbey, who responded in the most delightful way on Instagram earlier today:

I know everyone always talks about this, but seeing the Crawleys in modern-day garb is still one of my favorite things ever. The cast is also using their shameful photo shoot negligence to help promote the work of Wateraid, an international non-profit organization transforming lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Wateraid released the following statement:

“After seeing the reaction the picture caused earlier this week, the cast and crew came up with the idea of turning some of this attention towards an issue around water that really matters. They hope that by posing for this picture they will be able to raise awareness and amplify the work of international charity .”

Pretty awesome, right? What a smart, wonderful way to capitalize upon the attention surrounding the photo. Let this serve as a reminder to limit moral licensing (ahem, viral sensations like the ice bucket challenge…sorry, yes, I went there) because there are plenty of organizations and charities who deserve our attention.  Well done, Grantham House.

(Lead Image: Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Ltd/ITV)