‘My Marriage Is Legal,’ Doug Hutchison Responds To Those Calling Him A Child Molester

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Doug Hutchison is sick and tired of being called a child molester for marrying a 16-year-old, you guys. His marriage is legal in most US states, okay?

It's no secret that a lot of people are creeped out by Doug's questionable marriage to a then-16-year-old girl whose hypersexual presentation hints at a possible history of abuse. It's been a major bone of contention on VH1's Couples Therapy thus far, and according to castmate Alex McCord, he apparently talks about getting called a child molester constantly, like “some weird badge of honor.” Now, Doug has addressed the situation once again, managing to sound even more like a child molester in the process.

Via HuffPost:

“The thing is, it's interesting that anyone would call me a child molester because what I think that does is belittles true child molesters, the ones out there that are really molesting children. We can’t do that. My and Courtney’s marriage is legal, it's moral and its within the law. I’m not a child molester, so anyone who says that I’m not going to take it to heart. I only care about what my loved ones think about me and no one else.”

Interesting choice of words there, bro. “Belittle” is typically used to mean “minimize, decry, deprecate, deride, scorn, dismiss” or otherwise speak disparagingly of someone. Doug's right: people who molest pre-pubescent children instead of busty teens really have their work cut out for them, whereas Doug was able to exploit antiquated legal loopholes in age of consent laws that made his sex with a high school kid kind of allowed. Technically. Legally. Those other molesters have it much harder, okay? Let's give credit where credit is due.

And if you ever find yourself defensively saying “my marriage is legal, moral and within the law,” perhaps you should re-evaluate the choices that put you in a position where you'd even need to be saying that in the first place. Maybe he's defensive because he's guilty? Methinks the creeper doth protest too much.

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