The Last Don’t Trust The B Episodes Will Be Online, So I’ll Stop Crying For A Sec To Watch

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Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 Chloe Krysten Ritter

Sometimes I just want to give the TV people a good talking to. It seems like all the funniest, most original, non-cliche shows get canceled just when I'm starting to like them. Either that, or the network moves them around the schedule until suddenly they're airing at 3:46 AM on a Saturday and you have no idea until a week later when you can't find them online or on demand or in repeats. When ABC cancelled Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 without bothering to air the last eight episodes that had been filmed, I started to lose hope for the future of television. Don't Trust the B and Happy Endings had become one of my favorite comedy pairings. They're clever, inventive and just cynical enough to appeal to my black heart. Killing one of them off made me simultaneously grieve for its loss and sympathize with the other show for being all on its own. Now that there's hope for Happy Endings to make it to next season, I started thinking maybe there'd be retroactive hope for Don't Trust the B.

I'm still sad, and I wish Krysten Ritter's title B Chloe could force her way into the ABC offices and take over like she did that magazine that time, but the latest news about the show at least makes me feel a little better. The remaining eight episodes will be available online starting May 17, as confirmed by Krysten. You can watch through iTunes, Hulu or ABC's website. So that means I'll shut up about losing the show for exactly as long as it takes me to finish those eight episodes, and then I'm back to being mad. The good thing is that the episodes will premiere online more than a week before the new season of Arrested Development. Because as much as I love June and Chloe and James Van Der Beek, everything will be coming up Bluth for me starting May 26.

I've always thought it was kind of cruel — to the show and to the show's fans — to leave remaining episodes unaired, only to be discovered five years later in parts on some obscure YouTube channel with seven views. Even if a show doesn't have a big enough fan base to warrant giving it another season, you have to respect the people who do watch the show.

I for one cannot wait to press play and see how James is recovering from his DWTSPTSD (Dancing with the Stars Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and to find out if  June and Chloe still have the weirdest kind-of friendship on TV. Viva la B!

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