Donald Glover Will Be In Less Than Half Of Community Season 5, And My Whole Brain Is Crying

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Being a Community fan is quite the roller coaster ride. One minute you're loving the show, the next minute you're not so sure it's working. One minute you're terrified it'll get canceled, the next minute it's renewed and you have hope. One minute Dan Harmon leaves, the next minute he's back. One minute Donald Glover is in every episode as Troy Barnes, the next minute he's in less than half of them. That last scenario is unfortunately becoming a reality, since according to Vulture, Donald Glover will be in fewer Community episodes next season so he can focus on his music with Childish Gambino. Donald and Sony Pictures Television have agreed that he will only appear in five of next season's thirteen episodes. FIVE! That means that in addition to not having Chevy Chase in the study group anymore (which I'll admit doesn't upset me in the slightest), we'll also be without Troy most of the time? As with anything Community-related, the best way to express how I feel about it is through Community GIFs. That's what's great about the show. Even when it disappoints you, it gives you the perfect method to express your disappointment.

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While I'm all for Donald branching out and doing things other than acting if that's what he's interested in, I also feel like when you agree to star on a TV series you should kinda sorta… star on that TV series. And it's especially important that he remain on the show in this case because it's a series that is already struggling to stay on the air and has been losing cast members and parts of the creative team and constantly reworking things from season to season. Plus, Donald is one half of a very important partnership on that show — Troy and Abed. Troy and Abed in the morning, Troy and Abed as Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie. Troy and Abed, Troy and Abed, Troy and Abed! Now it's just going to be Abed by himself for most of the season? That seems like a perfect way to royally Britta things, if you ask me.

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I'm personally not looking forward to all the excuses the show will be forced to come up with to explain Troy's absence, because I already wasn't looking forward to all the excuses they would be forced to come up with to explain Pierce's absence. Gosh darn it, Community, I like having you in my life but you make things so endlessly complicated.