5 Facts About Domhnall Gleeson, Who Is Way More Than Just A Former Weasley

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Domnhall Gleeson About Time Screen Shot

Domhnall Gleeson is working on a ton of movies that are set to be released soon, so there really is no better time than right this second to get caught up to speed about who he is. One of those movies is the romantic drama, About Time, in which he stars opposite Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams as a guy who discovers that he can travel time. You know, the movie where you thought Rachel would be playing her exact role from The Time Traveler's Wife. But I promise you, the roles and the movies are so different from one another! About Time manages to incorporate that supernatural ability while still always feeling very real and relatable as a story that's mostly about family and relationships. And it is so amazing, largely because of Domhnall's a great actor.

The 30 year-old Irish actor, who can name Matt Damon, Carey Mulligan, Jeff Bridges, and Kiera Knightly as former costars is the owner of quite the impressive resumé. But that's not all that there is to know about him! What other golden knowledge nuggets have I got for you, you ask? Why, all of the best, of course.

So, here you go, 5 fast facts about the actor that's about to be on everyone's shortlist of favorites.

1. He played Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

Domhnall Gleeson Harry Potter Scream


Your eyes do not deceive you. His hair may be shorter and more clean-cut these days, but Domhnall was, in fact, the eldest Weasley.

2. He comes from a bona fide showbiz family.

Domhnall Gleeson Mad Eye Is Dead


Domhnall is the son of seasoned actor Brendan Gleeson, otherwise known as Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody in the fourth, fifth, and sixth Harry Potter films. Plus, his brothers Brian and Fergus Gleeson are both actors and his other brother, Rory Gleeson, is an aspiring movie director. 

3. He is a Tony Award nominee.

Domhnall Gleeson Glasses Pensive


Domhnall, who splits his time between the stage and the silver screen, snagged a Tony nom for his role as Davey in the Broadway production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore.

4. He initially didn't want to be an actor.

Domhnall Gleeson About Time Rachel McAdams Train


Domhnall has admitted that he was always reluctant to follow in his dad, Brendan's, career footsteps because he didn't ever want to be accused of getting roles only because of his famous dad.

5. He is well-studied in his craft.

Domhnall Gleeson I Never Stopped


Domhnall graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts from the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. Among other career options, the program caters to those who aspire to work in film and media.

Now that you know all of this lovely information about Domhnall, you have free reign to fall completely in love with him as an actor when you inevitably see one of his upcoming movies. “Inevitable” because there really are just so many of them that he's working on right now. You simply won't be able to avoid it. And you shouldn't even try to, because he is phenomenal and you'd be missing out on all of his charm and talent.

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