Dollhouse renewed and other fall TV news

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90424A1_DUSHKU_E_B-GR_04-eliza-dushku-dollhouse-fixed Dollhouse fans have to be ecstatic after hearing that FOX decided to renew the freshman show Friday.

At several points during the last couple of months, it hasn't looked very good for a renewal. So this is awesome freakin' news!

According to Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly, the show was renewed for 13 episodes with the condition executive producer Joss Whedon agreed to a "drastically cut budget."

Of course, FOX will make its official announcement at its upfront presentation on Monday.

In other news, ABC has decided to renew Castle (with the super-hottie Nathan Fillion), Better Off Ted and Scrubs according to EW.

ABC also has picked up Courtney Cox's comedy Cougar Town, the drama Happy Town and the sci-fi reboot V, EW is reporting.

The EW has a goood Fall TV Cheat Sheet you should check out as well to keep up with what has been renewed so far.

What is interesting is it seems the networks are giving “bubble” shows a chance instead of throwing them away if they aren’t a ratings hit. I know as a viewer there’s nothing more irritating to having a show canceled that you have invested your energy in. The Dollhouse fans will appreciate it.

The official upfront presentations where the networks will share their fall schedules are all next week – FOX on Monday, ABC and NBC on Tuesday, CBS on Wednesday and The CW on Thursday.

Image (Eliza Dushku, Dollhouse): Bauer-Griffin