Does James Franco’s Short ‘The Feast Of Stephen’ Confirm His Classmates’ Rumors?

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Does James Franco s Short  The Feast Of Stephen  Confirm His Classmates  Rumors  2zohzj6 pngAwhile ago, I posted a second-hand story on my personal blog about James Franco convincing some fellow students at NYU’s Tisch School to “act” in some unknown film project by agreeing to read their scripts/collaborate on their work. When the college boys showed up to the appointed spot that James gave them (one was told Central Park, another upstate New York in the woods), they allegedly were surprised to find that the Pineapple Express actor wanted them instead to act in a personal project involving scenes gay rape. Up until now, these stories, told by a friend of a friend, were essentially just hear-say.

But at this weekend’s Northside Festival in Williamsburg, James Franco screened a “homoerotic” (the festival guide’s words, not our own) short film called The Feast Of Stephen. It was about a young, nerdy boy watching some older kids playing basketball. He imagines having sex with them. It’s a silent film, and one that ends in the older boys accosting the nerd in Central Park and simulating forced sex on him. The scene cuts to what the boy imagines: He’s being taken in the woods by the same boys and the act isn’t so simulated.

So considering the consistencies between these student’s stories and the images in The Feast Of Stephen, we can say now with fair confidence that you shouln’t approach James Franco with your movie ideas in class. That is, unless you want to appear in his next homoerotic movie.