Does Ellen DeGeneres have a history of dumping dogs?

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ellen-crying2.pngThe recent shitpile of news we've had to endure about Ellen DeGeneres' dog disaster is starting to piss me off too, so I'm right there with you. However, it looks like she might have a bit of history of dog dumping.

Page Six reports that two years ago, a producer gave Ellen a dog named Stormy. She found out two months later while checking on the dog that Ellen had “regifted” the doggy to one of her staff. So that's two dogs that we know of, counting Iggy.

Then Howard Stern chimed in (I know, not a very reliable source!) and stated that he heard she'd done this NINE times before. Proof, Howard? And yes, it has to come from somewhere other than your butt, asshat.

Eh. It's a DOG. I mean, for Pete's sake. Find it a home, a loving home, and it's all good. Let's take our minds off this and watch a clip of Ellen when she used to be funny: