Does Courteney Cox’s Sex-Free Year Make Her A Virgin Again?

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Yesterday Courteney Cox went on freestyle relationship expert Howard Stern‘s show and bravely revealed that she hasn't had sex since her divorce from David Arquette. For those of you not sitting in front of your celebrity divorce date diary, then let me fill you in, it was approximately a year ago that they split up.

While many divorced, working mothers around the country are nodding along to this news with “yep, that's about right,” headlines are breaking left and right about Courteney's voluntary admission of re-virginizing herself. What does this mean for Courteney? Is she going to have to give up her SAG membership for admission into Celebrity Spinster's Anonymous?

Will her publicist buy a gasket and blow it after he/she worked so hard to plant rumors in the media that Courteney was hooking up her with Cougartown co-star Josh Hopkins? Will Coco one day google “how did Mom and Dad's divorce impact Mom's sex life?” and discover the news that her Mom took a self-designed convent year?

So many questions and so few answers for what this admission will mean for her career. The only thing I know for sure is that she'll be spending Valentine's Day the same way I'll be celebrating: watching the unedited version of You've Got Mail while wearing pajama jeans over a  nun's habit.

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