Does Anyone Have A Love Affair Like That Of Brangelina?

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Every time you see a photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you can't help but sigh and wonder exactly how two people can be so passionately in love with each other. They give new meaning to the word “soulmates.”

Just a few days ago the couple left their six little rugrats at home to enjoy a romantic outing at the National Portrait Gallery in London to check out the Lucian Freud. I use the word “romantic” there, because it's safe to assume everything these two do is romantic and plucked from a Hollywood movie with an equally Hollywood ending.

The couple will be in London for the next year or so while they're both working on projects and have been spotted on both romantic dates with each other, as well as the whole clan taking in the sights and even catching a performance of Billy Elliot. While in London the couple, who have yet to announce a wedding date, will be living a “sprawling” estate in Surrey — again, can we say romantic?

So let me ask you this: are Brad and Angie really the most romantic couple in Hollywood? Are these two reenacting some Jane Austen novel and we just haven't gotten the memo yet?