DJ Earworm Has Released His 2012 Mashup, So We Can All Go To Sleep Until January 1st

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DJ Earworm has come out with The United States of Pop 2012, his annual mashup of the twenty-five most popular songs of the year, and it's a good thing, too, because I was getting tired of being conscious. This mash-up was the last thing I was waiting for before I began my yearly holiday hibernation, so I'll see all you guys in January. Or I may just wait until awards season. I guess just wake me up if something interesting happens.

The mashup is called ‘Shine Brighter', and it uses Bruno Mars‘ song ‘Locked Out Of Heaven' as the glue to hold it together, and also includes songs by Ke$ha, PSY, Maroon 5, fun., Adele, Nicki Minaj…and I'm assuming Rihanna as well, but I forgot my ear buds at home today and I don't want to blast this in the office at top volume, so you'll have to judge for yourself, okay?!? It just got released today, which means there's no video yet, as DJ Earworm explained on his Twitter:

DJ Earworm United States of Pop 2012 mashupSo don't judge it too harshly just yet, since the video is like half of the appeal. For now you'll have to be contented with this weird orange and pink background thingy with the lyrics flashing over the top of it. Except some of them are incorrect, so they've been oddly edited with corrections transposed over the top. It's pretty weird. You should take a look.

So until the full version comes out, I'm going to content myself by listening to the United States of Pop 2009, aka the finest piece of meaty mashup to ever cross the threshhold of my YouTube. I defy DJ Earworm to better that, but I don't think he's too worried about it, since the version from 2011 has 9 million views.