The Divergent Trailer Just Premiered And Ahhh Let’s Fast Forward To March Already

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shailene woodley divergent tris first trailer

After for what feels like forever and a dystopia, the trailer for Divergent finally premiered during the 2013 VMA awards pre-show. While some people are surely wondering what all the hype is about for this movies, others already know that it's the next big thing. Or as I think of it, the poor man's Hunger Games. We have a strong, independent female lead named Tris (Shailene Woodley) who meets a brave, independent male lead named Four (Theo James) —  and they strive to change their incredibly depressing world. But after seeing that's totally hopeless because adults are the worst, they run away from home, open up a gluten-free bakery called Dystopian Landscape and live happily ever after.

Okay, fine, you've caught me. I haven't read the book yet. But I'm going to very soon. One, because I'm obsessed with The Spectacular Now and am therefore really excited to see my girl Shailene reunite with her movie boyfriend, Miles Teller, in this movie. And two, because the plot sounds similar enough to The Hunger Games that I know that I'll like it. Alex, I'll take "quirky and independent lady fighting the establishment with the help of a handsome male friend" for $100 please.

If what I'm telling you right now still isn't enough to get you all jazzed up, just be excited that this movie's happening. It looks like we're maybe, finally moving away from the horrible love triangles that we got in Twilight and moving more into the amazing ladies-be-getting-it-done territory. That's right no werewolves or vampires or CGI babies in this movie. It looks real legit and now I'm real excited to see it.

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