Totally Clevver Puts The Divergent Cast On The Spot About Miley Cyrus

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Theo James Divergent

We obsessed over the stars of The Hunger Games for years, but now it's time that we give another YA franchise cast our devoted attention. The dystopian YA film Divergent is out in theaters this week, and luckily for us, the cast features regulation hotties like Theo James and your new fantasy BFF Shailene Woodley. Feel free to start obsessing right now, because you're about to get a whole lotta information about the cast in this week's episode of Totally Clevver. 

On this week's episode of Totally Clevver, host Traci Stumpf sat down with the cast of Divergent to ask them hard-hitting questions. The cast made some “Diverging Decisions” regarding their favorite caffeinated beverage, their favorite Justin, and their favorite Kate Winslet movie. Traci stumped a few of them with this question about Miley Cyrus: Is she cool, corny, or a catastrophe? (Sadly, “all three” isn't an option.)

Tune in to Totally Clevver to see the earthy gift that Traci gave the cast AND to see Theo James talk about his fantastic nipples. We guarantee you'll want to know more about these stars by the end of the episode.