Disney’s Newest App – The Muppets Animal Drummer

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Disney announced yesterday its newest App – The Muppets Animal Drummer. Available on the App Store for $1.99, The Muppets Animal Drummer puts iPhone and iPod touch users in the drummer’s seat for a game that will test the skills of every wannabe rock drummer out there. Watch and listen to Animal play, then match Animal’s beat and timing to score points and unlock new songs. (Note: Rock & Roll Groupies not included with this app.)


I downloaded the app this morning and played it on my iPod Touch. It’s so much fun! Animal has always been one of my favorite Muppet characters. I must say…I did pretty good. 🙂

2_IMG_0721 The Muppets Animal Drummer app also features a Free Play Mode where users can rock out with Animal to original music or songs imported from your iTunes music library (3.0 OS or higher required). Users can also score points and create combos to charge their Rock Meter and power their stage presence. You can even use the App to create original music, then hit the record feature and watch Animal replay your jam session.

“We’re excited to bring Animal and The Muppets to a broad mobile audience, and what better way to do that than an innovative, music-based App that taps into Animal’s wild personality and the unique functionality of the iPhone and iPod touch,” stated Stephen Saiz, director of marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. Animal, who usually lets his drums do his talking, was typically pithy about this new app: “Louder! Faster! Drum! Drum! Drum!” “Precisely,” agreed Disney’s Stephen Saiz.

For more information, please visit http://www.itunes.com/waltdisney.

Source & Images: Disney Interactive Studios