Disney Understands Viral Marketing, Releases ‘Blooper Reel’ for The Lion King 3-D

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Did you even know that there was a 3-D version of Lion King being re-released in theaters? Neither did we until very recently, but suffice to say it's a head-scratcher. Why the need to mess with a childhood favorite, and will people even shell out the money to see it? We may never know, but we will definitely watch this blooper reel that Disney put out to drum up interest in the movie. In the video, Simba, Scar, and Mufasa screw up their lines and miss cues, just like live actors.

But it did make us ask one big question: Which came first, the flubbed lines or the animation?

At first I was inclined to say that this was leftover audio from filming the movie in 1994, that Disney saved the sound files of and just drew new animation to match. (The style's just different enough from the original that we can tell.) But Zap2It is saying that the video was a recent brainstorm, and that the animators hired back many of the original cast members. (We're 99% sure that's James Earl Jones and Whoopi Goldberg reprising the roles of Mufasa and Shenzi.)

Plus, there's that gag with Rafiki and baby Simba.

The best quote comes from Simba (Matthew Broderick, is that you?): “I don't do this African stuff.”