This Disney/The Avengers Mash-Up Is Trying To Make My Head Explode

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Disney The Avengers mash-up

It will never stop being funny when creative folks on the interwebs mash up iconic Disney characters with whatever's hot at the moment. It's classics meet zeitgeist, and it always improves both parties. Consider Disney princesses reimagined as Sailor Scouts, or the hilarious Mean Girls trailer spoken through the mouths of Ariel and Aurora. But it's especially fun when artists make Disney extra-geeky, as is the case with this image recreating the poster for The Avengers.

What's especially great is that it's not just the princesses; as effective as they are in the examples I mentioned above, it gets a bit old after awhile. Nope, instead you have quite the varied cast:

  • Beast as Bruce Banner/the Hulk
  • Robin Hood as Hawkeye
  • Emperor Kuzco as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Mulan as Black Widow
  • Hercules as Thor
  • Aurora as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Scar as Loki

I'm having a complete brain fart and can't remember who the character is standing in for Nick Fury; please, commenters, illuminate me. These choices are just rad, because of how well the characters' backstories actually match up with their superhero personas. Scar as Loki is genius, and makes me realize the whole “jealous brother” trope exists across all genres; Aurora's spindle-induced sleep so matches Cap's seventy-year nap in the ice; Hercules as Thor combines Greek and Norse myths wonderfully; and you know that Kuzco is as much of a little shit as Tony Stark. Love, love this.

Now, since I'm greedy, let's see this artist's take on summer's other two big superhero movies, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises!

Photo: I Can Has Cheezburger