The Definitive Ranking of All the Disney Princesses

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If you're a female between the ages of two and 35, I know that you have some serious Disney opinions. A debate for the generations has consistently been who is the best official definitive ranking of all the Disney Princesses. For reals. It's completely unbiased (JK — it's completely biased).

For official rules and purposes, this list will consist of all the royal highnesses that have been announced and marketed by Disney as princesses, plus there are a few ~unofficial~ Disney princesses in the mix, because sometimes Disney's rules about what does or does not consist of a princess is pretty lame (IMO). But sorry, guys — no new TV princesses, which means cuties like Elena of Avalor unfortunately didn't make the cut.

Their ranking is based on the likeability of their movie, their personality, and other completely trivial aspects like songs and hair (duh — those are kind of the most important parts, right?). While I was pretty sure that I, one day, would grow up to become a Disney princess (spoiler alert: I didn't), a grown-up girl can dream and judge the official Disney princesses to quell the pain of those hopes never becoming a reality, so here we go.