Disney Finally Chooses To Sell Princess Leia Merchandise After Being Reminded That Girls Exist

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Princess Leia nerf-herder


The Disney Store has announced that they're planning to offer Princess Leia products as part of their Star Wars merchandise. That's great news, but unfortunately that wasn't always the plan. A few weeks ago the store revealed to a Twitter follower that they didn't intend to sell anything Leia-related.

Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, yet they still don't sell anything Leia-related. There are action figures of Luke, Han and Darth Vader, and even a random stormtrooper, but no Leia. This is presumably based on the assumption that girls don't like Star Wars, and that the boys who like Star Wars wouldn't want to play with a girl doll. Ew, gross! Well, take it from a girl who dressed up as Leia to go to the original movie's re-release when I was a kid, there's nothing cooler than a lightsaber-wielding lady with funky buns on the side of her head.

Of course the great irony of this whole thing is that Leia is a princess, a title Disney practically has a monopoly over. Obviously people took objection to Disney's decision, which led to tweets with the hashtag #WeWantLeia. So Disney finally gave in and announced to TIME that Leia toys are on the way:

“The current assortment of Star Wars products at the Disney Store launched earlier this year, and is just the beginning of what is to come… We're excited to be rolling out new products in the coming months, including several items that will feature Princess Leia, one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars galaxy.”

It would be nice if these decisions could be made without fans having to beg for it on Twitter. Why Disney decided to wait until the second round of products to offer merchandise related to “one of the most iconic characters” in the franchise has yet to be explained, but I think it's unfortunately pretty obvious.