17 Disney Sidekicks Who Are Low-Key Better Than Their Besties

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The songs. The adventure. The love stories. There is a lot to love about Disney movies. With all the excitement and theatrical value of these films, some viewers completely overlook the Disney sidekicks who actually make the film. Despite the fact that it's the second-in-commands who are who often times the best parts of the movies — it's the Disney princesses and their Prince Charmings who always get the glory. Like — helllloooooo, without some of Olaf‘s most memorable quotes, there's a good chance Frozen would have not garnered the worldwide success that it achieved.
That said, he's not the only Disney sidekick who's been pushed to the sidelines yet plays an integral (if not the most important) role in the film and it's about darn time we gave them the recognition they deserve! Did your fave make the list?