9 More Ways Disney Should Expand The Frozen Franchise

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Disney's Frozen Walking(via)

Pop culture is owned by Frozen these days. Not only has it performed phenomenally at the box office, but every day there's a new “Let it Go” parody or medley to enjoy. On top of all that, the song and the movie have been nominated for Oscars. People might just find the subject matter especially relatable because so much of the country is freezing right now, but either way Disney is going to milk it for all it's worth.

We've already heard the news of a Broadway musical, and now it's been announced that 1,000 theaters in the U.S. will host Frozen sing-along screenings featuring on-screen lyrics and a bouncing snowflake. So we thought we'd help Disney out and suggest nine more ways they can expand the franchise. Let's face it, these are all probably going to happen anyway, so we might as well prepare for them.

1. A Sequel

Frozen Playing With Cold(via)

This is perhaps the most obvious suggestion. People have been wondering about a follow-up, considering how successful the movie's been, and CEO Bob Iger has expressed an interest in expanding the franchise, but it hasn't been officially announced. I'm not sure what the plot would be, since things were kind of wrapped up at the end, but Disney always finds a way, even when it's straight to video.

2. A Reality Show

Disney's Frozen You're Gorgeous(via)

First comes movie, then comes sequel, then comes TV series. If Disney doesn't opt for an animated series, why not try out a reality competition (or dating show) where characters have to survive in an icy environment? Sure the only thing that links it to Frozen is the climate, but that doesn't matter because money.

3. A Christmas Special

Frozen Anna cold(via)

Since it's a movie all about cold weather, it kind of has built-in holiday appeal. Disney could go the animated route and air half-hour specials every season, or they could have the voice cast sing Christmas carols around a fake fire. I vote that one.

4. Ice Capades

Frozen Moose Slips n Ice(via)

This one was written in the stars, and I'm ready to buy my ticket. Disney on Ice already exists, so it's only a matter of time before a skating show starts with exclusively Frozen characters. It makes a lot more sense than Aladdin and Jasmine sliding around half naked.

5. A Theme Park Attraction

Disney's Frozen Anna Rope (via)

Disney is all about turning their popular movies into theme park rides — and also turning their theme park rides into popular movies. They might not even have to build something from scratch. There's been talk of putting something in the Norway pavilion at EPCOT. They could also do something with the Blizzard Beach water park. Just add Olaf the Snowman here and there and make the slide emerge from Elsa's castle. Done.

6. Character Impersonators

Frozen Olaf Flower(via)

Everyone will want to give Olaf a warm hug or get an autograph from Anna when they visit Disney World, so this is bound to happen. If Disney really wants to expand they could have the characters wander around Time Square or walk down Hollywood Boulevard to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel.

7. A Live Action Movie

Disney's Frozen She's My Sister(via)

Once you adapt a movie into a musical it's just the rule of Hollywood that you have to then adapt that musical back into a movie. This time it would obviously be live-action and there would be a big hullabaloo — and likely some petitions — over who should play the characters.

8. An Ice Hotel

Frozen The Cold Never Bothered Me(via)

Disney already has hotels themed to just about everything else, so why not branch out into the ice hotel industry? And by ice hotel I literally mean a hotel made out of ice, modeled after Elsa's castle. Look it up, they're real.

9. An Adult Fashion Line

Disney's Frozen Windy(via)

I'm pretty sure everyone watching the “Let it Go” scene wants to look as fabulous as Elsa in that sparkly blue gown. So why not team up with a clothing store and sell a line of versions in adult sizes? I'm not talking cheap Halloween costumes; I mean really nice dresses. So many teenage girls will wear it to their proms, and non-teenage women will strut around the house in it to feel alive.