Discussion: Marissa and Oliver on The O.C.

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I've been re-watching episodes of The O.C. for a while now and recently finished what I refer to as the “Oliver” episodes in season 1, episodes 13-18.

I'm referring to Oliver Trask (Taylor Handley), the seemingly nice guy Marissa (Mischa Barton) meets outside her therapist's door.

Of course, it doesn't take the audience long to figure out that Oliver wants Marissa all to himself, that he “made up” his girlfriend Natalie, and plans to get rid of Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) any which way he can.

Oh, sometimes I want to throw a brick at the TV when I watch these episodes! It kills me how protective Marissa is of her so-called innocent friend, while practically forgetting about her super-hot boyfriend who wears white wife beaters.

What was your opinion of the whole Oliver fiasco? Did you want to kill Oliver too or were you rooting for him to win Marissa? Did you think Ryan went too far by breaking in to steal Oliver's student records and taking the letter from Marissa's locker.

Would you read the letter if it fell in your hands? If you don't remember, Oliver gave a “love letter” to Marissa to read, but he told her it was to Natalie. But really he meant it for Marissa in his own demented way. Ryan contemplated reading the letter before actually doing it. Would you?