16 Star-Studded Movies That Were Really Disappointing

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We'll admit that on several occasions, we've fallen into the trap of assuming that a stellar cast will automatically lead to an equally stellar film. It made perfect sense, because why else would a filmmaker bring together the most talented A-Listers, right? But to our dismay, a lot of these projects have fallen drastically short, proving that good casting and a film's quality really can be mutually exclusive. And you want to know the most annoying part? It feels like producers have made a practice out of using the most famous names as a cover-up for their dull, cheesy, and often predictable storylines.

To be clear, we're not saying that all well-casted films have fallen into this pattern (I mean hello, have you seen Black Panther??). But to put high-profile actors in lackluster films, then present them as successful movies that will resonate with viewers is ridiculous. Surprisingly, some of these films still received critical acclaim and did well at the box office, but others turned out to be major flops because they simply didn't live up to the hype. Check out which star-studded films were huge let-downs: