5 Facts About Diplo, Katy Perry’s Rumored New DJ Boyfriend

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Katy Perry's and John Mayer's breakup is shaping up to be more longterm than I would've guessed, considering the fact that she's now rumored to be dating DJ and music producer, Diplo. If you're wondering where these rumors have come from all of a sudden, let me tell you about a steamy little getting-photographed-walking-into-the-same-buildings sesh that went down on Thursday night. Katy and Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, allegedly spent the whole night together, which included dinner together at the Marlton Hotel in NYC, the after-party of The Amazing Spiderman 2 premiere, and then clubbing at a place called Up And Down. No word on whether or not they plan to actually see the movie, but may I recommend that as date number two? Or number three, if you count the hooking up that Katy and Diplo were allegedly seen doing a couple of weeks ago at Coachella as a date.

But before I go suggesting (500) Days of Summer-esque date spots or e-mailing over Google Maps routes of romantic strolls they should take, let's learn some more about this guy who's allegedly cozying up to our Katy. The most important stuff, like what his intentions are and by what time he plans to have her home are going to be harder to answer. But here are 5 other things you should know about him, anyway. 

1. He dated M.I.A. for 5 years.

Diplo Spinning Basketball On Finger, Smoking


From the years 2003-2008, Diplo and singer M.I.A. were sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

2. He's active in charity. Diplo Money Dollar Sign Background


Diplo founded the charitable non-profit, Heaps Decent, which works with underprivileged and marginalized creative individuals in Australia.

3. His moniker comes from his childhood obsession with dinosaurs.

Diplo Dancing


More specifically, it's a shortened version of the name of a genus of dinosaurs known as “Diplodocus”. But if we're being honest, judging by the fact that it's his current stage name, I'd bargain to say it's an ongoing obsession.

4. He's the co-creator of dancehall music project, Major Lazer.

Diplo Colorful DJing


In an interview with The FaderDiplo describes the project's Jamaican-influenced sound as “the end of the line of mashing things up in a melting pot. It’s like the end of the world, all the little influences—house, soca, oldies, R&B, jazz.”

5. He's a filmmaker deep down.

Diplo Smile


Diplo went to school to study filmmaking and apparently still wants to explore that one day. According to an interview with Interview Magazinehe even somehow wrote a screenplay via Twitter once.