Dina Lohan Got Paid To Fight With Michael On TV, But Lindsay Was Okay With It, You Guys

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Dina Lohan The Grove February 2013

Ah, the Lohans. When they're not trying to break their daughter Lindsay Lohan out of rehab or making comments about her being in rehab or just generally using their daughter's fame to make things all about them, they're getting paid $50,000 to appear on a talk show together. You know, just all part of being a parent. Just like covering your face with a hoodie at your daughter's baby shower. Oops, wrong parent.

Yes, according to TMZ, Dina Lohan was paid $50,000 to fight with her ex-husband Michael Lohan on a new TV show that uses lie detectors to settle arguments. According to the Daily Mail, it's a talk show premiering in the U.S. this fall called The Test. I assume that refers to the test of strength the polygraph machine must undergo while its subjects are at each other's throats. It never saw the Lohans coming.

But don't you guys worry this is something the Lohans did without their daughter knowing. Oh no siree, supposedly Dina got Lindsay's permission before she went through with it. Because it's totally cool to go ahead and use your daughter's fame to get yourself on TV and paid a pretty penny… as long as said rehab-dwelling daughter gives you permission. Dina apparently plans to use the money to save her Long Island home from foreclosure. Nothing like bringing up old messes to save yourself from another, newer mess, am I right?

It's not clear yet what Michael Lohan was paid for all this, or whether he did it out of the kindness of his heart and the fact that he hadn't been in the news for a few seconds and was starting to get uncomfortable. I've heard it's itchy for a Lohan to be out of the spotlight too long. You get a rash and the only ointment that works is made from tabloid quotes, talk show appearances and aloe. I think it's being researched by Dr. Savannah Guthrie.

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