Dina Lohan Gave Lindsay The Night Off For Once, Got Her Own DUI

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Dina Lohan mugshot for DUI September 2013We can all agree at this point that Dina Lohan is an excellent role model and parent, correct? I mean I know it was touch-and-go there for a while, but she just fell on her sword for Lindsay and got a DUI so her daughter didn't have to! You see, there are a certain number of DUIs that the Lohans must get in their lifetime, because of a curse placed on the family by an old gypsy (not the one that LiLo punched in the face, though that's a common mistake). Lindsay had been carrying the burden by herself for all those years, but now Dina is finally stepping up to the plate and doing her part for irresponsibility!

Last night, Dina was spotted by cops on the Northern State Parkway in Long Island, while allegedly driving 77mph in a 55mph zone. Her white BMW was pulled over around 11:00pm, at which point she seemed intoxicated, so cops tested her blood alcohol level, which came in at .20, which is more than twice the legal limit of .08.

And girl! That is a lot! My lovely co-worker Sam from our sister site The Gloss has helped me do some fast math with a BAC calculator on her phone, and if you assume that Dina is like 135 pounds, and was drinking vodka sodas, she'd have to drink about six in two hours to blow a .20. GIRL. That is college levels. You need to reset. (Um hey guys, that's a new phrase I'm trying out. Let's try to make it catch on, yeah?)

Dina was taken to the station, where she was booked on two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of speeding. Also, according to officers, "Lohan made an allegation that she was injured during the course of the arrest," but that story only lasted as long as it took for medical personnel to get to the scene. Once they examined her and said she was fine, Dina 'recanted her claim.' She took her mug shot, which is incidentally the closest-up that anyone has been allowed to photograph her since 1998, and was released to an unidentified 'sober third party', who was not Lindsay.

Say what you will, guys, but if someone has to make an incredibly foolish, dangerous, life-altering mistake, isn't it nice that Dina's willing to do that for her daughter so she could stay home and focus on her recovery? I'm so touched.

(Image: New York State Police Department via New York Daily News)