Video: Dina Lohan Must Have Been Wasted When She Sat Down With Dr. Phil, Right?

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Dina Lohan Dr. Phil interview preview video wasted drunk high Lindsay LohanJust from watching this 60-second preview, I can already tell you that Dr. Phil‘s Monday episode, where he sits down with terrifying momager Dina Lohan, will be must-see TV. Not because Dr. Phil will reach any breakthroughs about how Dina has mishandled daughters Lindsay and Alianna, or about her relationship with ex-husband Michael Lohan… but because Dina looks wasted as all get out. Like, you wonder how much of this interview she even remembers taping, as we see her interrupting Dr. Phil to check that the cameras are on, flinging herself all over the couch, and responding to his questions with hoarse squeaks and tears instead of actual answers.

Obviously the editors at Dr. Phil had some fun with editing and probably made Dina look a shade crazier than she actually came across in the studio. However, just because some of her answers might have been matched up to different questions doesn't negate the fact that this is how she came across: Scattered, flighty, crying, and just an utter wreck. You almost don't need any context for her answers, because she's off in her own world blabbering about being scrutinized and how Dr. Phil is “in your little tie, your little shoes.” And the reaction shots from Dr. Phil are just priceless.

Like, I knew that Dina had her issues if she's out enabling Lindsay at nightclubs, but wow, I had no idea she was so amusing. I almost feel sorry for her… but then I just rewatch this promo over and over and start giggling again.