Dina Lohan and Rebecca Black’s Mom Have Parenting Tips for Mother’s Day

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Just in time for Mother's Day, The Daily Beast asked some famous people's moms to give parenting advice.They have some moms of actual famous people like Matt Damon, thrown in with a few of Crushable's favorite memes/trainwrecks:

Georgina Marquez, mom of Rebecca Black (pictured):

“One time, [Rebecca] forgot her schoolbooks three days in a row, and we went back each time to get her books. I gave her a warning that if she forgot again, she was going to lose all her stuff. So, the fourth time, we didn't go back to get her book, and I took all her toys away. That drove the point home. She never again forgot her schoolbooks.”

Dina Lohan, mom/enabler of Lindsay Lohan:

She was always good in school and was like my little buddy. She never really got into too much mischief young. She was a late bloomer.

Well, if Rebecca Black's career takes off as much as Lindsay's did, I'm glad that her mom seems to be slightly more reasonable than Dina Lohan.