‘Digital Medieval’ Music Star Emmy The Great Gets Style Inspiration From ’90s-Era Claire Danes And Winona Ryder

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 Digital Medieval  Music Star Emmy the Great Gets Style Inspiration from  90s Era Claire Danes and Winona Ryder emmythegreat jpgThe following is a guest post from our friends at Luckymag.com.

Emma-Lee Moss (a.k.a. Emmy the Great) first caught our eye because she’s simply adorable­—and not just because she poses next to a gingerbread house on the cover of her new album Virtue. Her music (she likes to call it “digital medieval”) is pretty and folksy, but not without edge. Kind of like her personal style.

Considering that her fashion influences are all over the map—from Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ankle-length dresses circa Seinfield to tie-dye and anything Savannah Miller—it totally makes sense that the Hong Kong and London raised singer-songwriter has a style all her own. Read on to find out what’s on her shopping list.

We like your style. Who are your influences?

I suppose the great girls crushes of my youth, Winona Ryder and Claire Danes in ’90s. I watch a lot of lost old movies; they often star Debra Winger and then I decide that she’s my style icon and try to get a dress just like hers and then I never get around to it. I also like Elaine from Seinfeld. I sometimes threaten to get dressed in something entirely that Elaine would wear, the ankle-length skirts with socks and flats.

Do you have a different style in your personal life than when you’re on stage?

Definitely. I am a lot more turned down off- stage. On stage, I dress according to what we’re playing. This album has more
imaginary elements and references to stories and myths, so I stepped it up a bit. Before we go on tour I send an email to everyone on what our look will be, and at the moment we’re goth-lite.

What’s on your shopping list right now?

I’m about to go on tour so I’m meeting with a friend tonight to go through the Topshop online catalog to find stuff. We’re into tie-dye at the moment and we’re trying to bring that back, so if you see me and I’m wearing head-to-toe tie-dye you’ll know why.

Who are your favorite designers?

Twenty8Twelve, Savannah Miller’s line, is brilliant. Their shop just opened up down my road so I’ve been going there for a while. I always get stuff on sale, but it’s actually quite affordable for a designer label. When I first heard about the line, I thought, “Savannah Miller is unbelievably stylish in this cool London rock ‘n’ roll way, and Sienna Miller is obviously really talented, so this is going to become my favorite label,” and it has.

What beauty products do you bring on the road with you?

I have to use Bumble & Bumble hair products I because I have really weird Asian hair. It doesn’t do anything. It’s in-between wavy and straight and it doesn’t listen.

I’ve used so many products and the only thing that works is Bumble & Bumble’s “Straight.”

Check out Emmy the Great’s video for “Iris” here.