Didn’t Get in to Pottermore Yet? Check Out Twimore!

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Last week, J.K. Rowling‘s Pottermore allowed 1 million lucky users access to the site, where they would use their Harry Potter knowledge to solve clues and locate quills. Their prize? Uncovering 18,000 words' worth of new content about the wizarding world (Quidditch rules, etc.) and the bragging rights that you got there first. We didn't get an invite, but that's OK, because we've discovered something even better: Twimore, the ultimate Twilight fan destination.

We followed the sparkles over to Twimore, where the first step was becoming vampires. We don't know why Edward spent four books making such a big deal; all it took for us to join the undead was a click. We're SparklePireShiny5, pleased to meet you!

The site's most exciting feature is a look at Stephenie Meyer‘s latest book, Erupting Star. It's the story of Edward's brother Bosworth Cullen — because there aren't enough semi-related Cullens already — created an elixir that allows Edward to father children. Finally, the weird-ass vampire pregnancy in Breaking Dawn will be explained! Same goes for the other bizarre moments of the series; Erupting Star allows fans to relive the first four books with a new perspective.

Meyer's representative Kaleb Nation can explain whatever we missed:

As you may have guessed by now, Twimore is a parody site, created by YA author and YouTube star Kaleb Nation. A huge fan of both series, Kaleb created Twimore in reaction to all of the Pottermore hubbub. If you're doubting his qualifications to poke fun at both fandoms, consider that Kaleb spent almost two years discussing the Twilight series from a male perspective on the blog Twilight Guy, so he knows his stuff.

Joke or not, Kaleb said that today or tomorrow we can expect an actual preview of Erupting Star… so we're gonna give Twimore at least one more pageview in order to see the faux-novel he's cooked up.