Did Taylor Armstrong End Her Relationship With Her Attorney Because Of Bad Publicity?

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has reportedly ended her reported romantic relationship with her married attorney John Bluher after negative attention reportedly made her sad. Reportedly.

According to Radar, Armstrong became romantically involved with Bluher when he was handling a MyMedicalRecords.com lawsuit she was involved in. Despite being still married, Bluher had not lived with his wife for quite some time and it was a “complicated situation.” (Isn't it always?)

Despite various attempts at damage control (Bluher issued a long statement of denial), “sources” are saying that the pressure caused by negative publicity grew to be too much, causing Bluher and Armstrong to cease whatever illicit activities they were totally not doing in the first place.

“There's a very strong connection between the two, but Taylor doesn't want to be known as the other woman, period,” said one of Taylor's traitorous friends and/or someone Radar made up. “She needs to be a role model for her daughter, Kennedy. John is still married and has three kids. Taylor has made great progress, but she's still in a vulnerable position, so most of her friends aren't much of a fan of him.”

Stay tuned for more updates to this sad, sordid, and possibly true story!

(Via Radar)