Did Natalie Portman Secretly Get Married? [UPDATED]

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Update: She did! Jeweler Jamie Wolf confirmed to Us Weekly that she designed the wedding bands that Natalie and Benjamin sported at the Oscars. “They were made with recycled platinum and conflict free diamonds,” says Wolf, who also designed Natalie’s engagement ring. Her relationship with the couple is not that of a typical celebrity jeweler: A former ballerina who used to dance with Benjamin, she had a small role in Black Swan.

Natalie Portman made her triumphant return to the Oscars this past Sunday with a jealousy-inspiring post baby body (normal for Hollywood) and an in-tact relationship with her baby daddy/last year’s date (impressive for Hollywood). She was also wearing an extra ring on her wedding finger, which is making some folks think she might have pulled a fast one on us and gotten married without so much as a grainy camera phone pic leaking out to the tabloids. Sneaky Natalie Portman!

According to the sharp-eyed vultures at Us Weekly, Natalie was wearing an extra band on her wedding finger that she didn’t have last year (see helpful side-by-side comparison), while her guy Benjamin Millepied was wearing a new ring on his wedding finger as well. This could mean they already got married, or maybe it’s a decoy to trick us into thinking they got married, and the actual wedding’s going to happen soon, when we least expect it. In any case, doesn’t he look super French and smug in the picture? You just know he is thinking about how much his ring is going to mess with the paparazzi and how funny he thinks that is.

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(Via Us Weekly)