Did Markai From ’16 And Pregnant’ Have An Abortion?

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Of all the many decisions that are documented on MTV's hit show 16 And Pregnant, one is notably left out: that of teenage girls who opt to get abortions. It makes sense that viewers don't see abortions on the show: it's called 16 And Pregnant after all. But it looks like one of the show's stars may have had an abortion after appearing on the show.

We've been noticing a few little things that's got us thinking Markai Durham had an abortion soon after giving birth to her daughter Za'karia.

According to a discussion thread no longer available on MTV, Markai had an abortion shortly after giving birth:

“Shortly, after have Za'karia Markai became pregnant, once again by James but this time opted for the abortion. Now according to this person on formspring, she and Markai have the same doctor and when she was at an appointment, Markai was also there but with a film crew. This girl asked Kayla from this season about it and Kayla said she thinks its for MTV about the situation”

That post got us thinking, especially because we say today that it appears to be confirmed by a castmate.

Also, on Formspring, fellow 16 And Pregnant castmember Aubrey Akeril seems to know that it happened:

just help for the person that asked* also, how did markai have an abortion if she had a baby on the show? Do you mean at a different time?

yes at a different time. those aren't my details to discuss tho.

Meanwhile, Markai has pretty adamantly addressed the issue of abortion on her Facebook Fan page:

“Its Not A Baby At All Until I Think You 3rd Trimester (I Could Be Mistaken) Its Only A Fetus Which Means Its Only A GROUP OF CELLS TRYING TO FORM INTO SOMEONE. && Its Not Our Right To Judge Wo…men / Girls Who Do Get An Abortion. Thats Like Judging Someone Because There Gay Or Black Or Whatever. Its Not Right For People To Lash Out At Women/ Girls Who Made The Right Decision For Them && Their Family. Point Blank. && Even Though They Have Created SOMETHING That CAN Be The Most Beautiful Thing. SOMETIMES Women/ Girls Aren't Ready For That Big Of A Responsibilty. NO MATTER IF THEY OPENED THEIR LEGS / PANTS.”

Considering that many of the stars of 16 And Pregnant have become advocates for safe sex, it could be pretty bad PR to find out that one of the girls on the show got pregnant almost immediately after giving birth…

UPDATE: It's confirmed that Markai had an abortion. MTV will air a special focusing on it December 28.