Did LiLo Cut A Bitch At A Fashion Party Last Night?

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Lindsay Lohan is really on a tear this week, isn't she? To read eyewitness accounts of her behavior, she has basically morphed into a tiny, orange, hostile, hissing creature that hurls its own feces at people when displeased. And last night at the V Magazine party was no exception.

According to The Cut, the trouble began when V‘s Jasper Rischen tried to take a picture of her, as magazines tend to do at their own parties. In response to his attempt at putting her in a classy magazine, she got all “LILO SMASH!” and hurled a full glass at him, missed and hitting a cocktail waitress instead. Rather than apologize to the poor unemployed model, she simply screamed “not you, him!” which is as close to an apology as anyone is ever going to get from this one, I suppose. This prompted Mr. Rischen to tweet, “Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for @vmagazine. C.U.N.T.”

The tiny terror also reportedly sucker-punched a seemingly innocent bystander while moving her group to a different area of the bar, but the really fucked up stuff happened a little bit later.

Via The Cut:

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get stranger, the lights came on and the music went off. “She’s bleeding!” yelled a man at the bar. Medics surrounded a brunette woman, lying with her black sheer-stocking-ed legs elevated on a white leather couch, adjacent to where Lohan had been sitting. When they lifted her up to place her on a stretcher, the back of her black dress was soaked in blood. Broken glass, a security guard confirmed after she had been rolled out. By then, the crowd had thinned out.

Did the woman make the mistake of attempting to tell her how much she loved her in The Parent Trap, or did she simply slip and fall on some shards left over from before? Or was it a completely unrelated stabbing? Judging from the pictures, it looks pretty serious. Will this be the thing that lands the Lohan back in legal trouble? One thing's for sure: society must be protected.