Did Jay-Z And Beyonce Really Debut The First Photos Of Blue Ivy On A Website?

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Forget a six-figure magazine cover and forget a big dramatic reveal, because Blue Ivy's first baby photos just made their debut via Jay-Z's website, Life and Times.  For such a controversial and heavily promoted pregnancy, this understated announcement  on a Friday night seems shockingly laid back.

I just always assumed Beyonce would unzip her dress on the Grammy's red carpet and reveal that Blue Ivy was built into her dress. Or Jay-Z would present her Lion King style when he was supposed to be introducing some other nominee. Never in a million years did I think they would go the online route.

Making announcements via your website is what regular people do. Everyday people who go to their cubicle jobs everyday and eat at Olive Garden and name their children Sarah or Josh. It's not for music royalty like Beyonce and Jay-Z. Or so I thought. Maybe they're setting Blue Ivy up to have a normal life, free of paparazzi and publicity.

Then again they named her Blue Ivy and trademarked her name after she was born so they could potentially make money off of her. So maybe not.

See all the photos right here.