We Trust Diablo Cody To Do The ‘Older Woman/Younger Man’ Sitcom Right

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We Trust Diablo Cody To Do The  Older Woman Younger Man  Sitcom Right diablo cody new show1 jpgDiablo Cody seems to be singlehandedly combating the current glut of “older guy/younger girl” romantic dramas — Liberal Arts, Nobody Walks, A Late Quartet — by selling a sitcom pilot to ABC that turns the romantic dynamic around. That’s right, her new show Alex + Amy is all about a strapping young guy and his older girlfriend. That, or Cody just wanted to show the Cougar Town — which, ironically, used to air on ABC — folks how it’s done.

All we know so far is the logline, which is pretty cut-and-dried:

Comedy about a romance between an ambitious 22-year-old Millennial guy and a 32-year-old Gen X woman who have just moved in together and are very much in love.

I’m really surprised that they haven’t given us any more identifying quirks about the characters, considering that Cody’s past projects have hinged upon what makes her heroines so different: Teen pregnancy, demonic possession, Dissociative Identity Disorder, etc. Doubtless there will be plenty of pop culture jokes—two generations’ worth, actually. I think Cody could triumph where shows like Accidentally on Purpose have failed, because beneath her irreverent humor there’s actual pathos. And when it comes to a romance between people at very different points of their lives, regardless of gender, we need to witness the dramatic underpinnings.

Until we know just what we’re dealing with, we’ll have no idea of who ABC is looking to cast. That said, there are definitely some candidates who immediately spring to mind. If How I Met Your Mother indeed ends this season, I’d love to see Cobie Smulders slide into the wisecracking role of older woman. (Though she probably doesn’t want to sign on for another sitcom considering her foray into film.) The fact that you’ll need someone to keep up with Cody’s references made me wonder if Alexis Bledel could take on the role. Believe it or not, Rory Gilmore is 31; it could be a funny joke to the viewers who grew up with her.

As for the men? Jon Foster‘s show Accidentally on Purpose crashed and burned, but he’s such a sweetie I wouldn’t mind giving him another go at the younger-guy role. Or maybe Colton Haynes now that he’s off Teen Wolf?

Or they could just remake Prime, my favorite movie about this titillating pairing:

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