These Dexter Season 8 Teases Tell Me Everything And Also Nothing I Need To Know

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Dexter Showtime Season 8 photo

The final season of Showtime's Dexter is approaching and I for one am more than ready for one last hurrah of serial killing!  I mean, I'm devastated that this will be the last season for Dexter Morgan.  Absolutely broken up over it.  But while we usually have to wait until the end of September for Dexter to start stabbing people and chopping them up, devoted viewers only have to wait until June this time!  Huzzah!

Season 7 ended with Dexter's sister, the ultra-tan Deb Morgan, making the tormented decision to kill the twisted Captain LaGuerta over her beloved (in more ways than one) brother and equally twisted serial killer Dexter.  I have absolutely no idea how the writers will wrap up Dexter's journey and the fact that one of the most vital characters on the show for eight years has now been killed.

In keeping with tradition, Showtime has released a “teaser” trailer for season 8, and in keeping with that tradition it doesn't show us anything or tell us anything that we don't already know but it still titillates us in ways it probably shouldn't.

I have to say if there was an Emmy category for “Best Lifeless, Creepy Voiceover” Michael C. Hall would sweep it every year.  Season 8 has a lot of questions to answer, none of which were alluded to in this YouTube clip.  Questions like: “Did Hannah get that orchid at Costco? Because it looks a lot like the orchids I see at Costco” and “How does Deb have time to get spray-tanned so much?  She's a lieutenant, an accomplice, and a murderer!” and “Will this be the season where the characters' cell phones display more realistic-looking text messages?”

Only time will tell, I suppose.  An earlier Dexter teaser, published two weeks ago, displays the names of every character we've seen Dexter kill throughout the last 7 years.  I for one cannot wait to see what names end up on that list in season 8.  (Crossing my fingers that one of them is The Ghost of Harry Morgan.)

(Photo: Showtime)