Desperate Girls Doing Karaoke In Port Charles

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I didn’t think there was going to be a second most awkward storyline on TV than the cougar storyline between Erica Kane and Ryan Lavery over there in Pine Valley but I was wrong. Lulu, Rebecca, Maxie, and Diane singing Pussycat Doll’s hit, “Don’t Cha”, definitely takes the spot.



Karaoke is embarrassing in itself for people who can’t sing and can’t move their hips along with the music. I don’t want to be mean but seriously, that was the most awkward episode from General Hospital so far this year. I’ll give Diane some credit though coz she kinda made it fun a little bit. It became ok when she joined Lulu, Rebecca, and Maxie on stage. Maybe because it was practically the end, heh. Please don't ask me to post Patrick and Robins's karaoke video.

What’s wrong GH? Can’t you hire musical guests anymore? Budget cuts perhaps? Yah know, if it was Lucky, Ethan, Patrick, Spinelli, and Nikolas on that stage maybe I'd feel differently 😆 . Do I smell a challenge Mr. Greg Vaughn?