Desiree Hartsock’s Brother Says She Totes Settled For Chris, And I’m Like, ‘Duh’

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Welcome back to the media, Nate Hartsock, bad boy brother of Desiree Hartsock! I've missed you terribly in the many months since you helped Sean Lowe decide to eliminate Des on the last season of The Bachelor, and the slightly less many months since you appeared on the storied ninth season of The Bachelorette to half-heartedly attempt to whip up some ratings. (That was before the shocking finale, see, when Des was still doggedly dragging down the show's ratings by being a glossy-lipped puddle of boring.)

But anyway, Nate is back, and I couldn't be happier because he's not wasting any time jumping right back into criticizing his sister's decisions and blowing up her spot. In this case, the subject of said spot-blowing is Chris Siegfried, the guy whom Des chose to win the show after her season-long first pick Brooks Forester (and Jimmy Kimmel‘s early prediction for the last man standing, as well) elected to leave the show. Commence tears, devastation, and a lot of what my father calls ‘talking underwater', that thing where a person is talking while sobbing, preferably with their head in their hands, so you can't understand a thing they're saying except that they're ultra sad about it.

Everyone, myself included, assumed that Des would either choose no one or that Brooks would make a triumphant return in the last moments of the episode, but NAY. He didnae return, but Des didn't let that stop her from just accepting any old proposal from any of the sloppy second contestants you still have lying around?? So that's what she did, and she's now happily engaged to Chris, which creates a helpful opportunity for her brother to get his face in the media by saying “it's obvious” that his sister is settling:

“Desiree went on the show because she wanted to get married so badly and she wanted the family and to have kids. Obviously Chris wasn’t her first choice. She is happy with him and with how it ended up.” 

OMG so romantic! I love it!

“I think this will be a short engagement. I could see a wedding happening even quicker than next summer. I think it’s obvious she settled for him, but Desiree is at the point where she’s ‘all in’ with Chris, and I think he is just happy he gets to be with her.”

Oh man, I hope I never end up in a relationship where I'm their first choice and neither of us is settling! I could never forgive myself! It'd be so embarrassing! Another insider shares with the magazine:

“She is madly in love with the idea of love and was madly in love with Brooks, but once she and Chris live together, she’ll realize she settled. She’s deluding herself and she’s deluding Chris.”

Des moved to Seattle on August 10th to start living with Chris, so stay tuned for many more exciting interviews as they discover you should never get engaged to the person you like second-best after knowing him for six weeks.

(Image: Gaz Shirley / PacificCoastNews.com)