Watch Derek Zoolander Answer Vogue’s 73 Questions Like Only Zoolander Can

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Watch Derek Zoolander Answer Vogue s 73 Questions Like Only Zoolander Can Derek Zoolander Vogue 73 Questions jpg

Everyone’s favorite male model Derek Zoolander appears in the newest edition of Vogue magazine’s “73 Questions” series, in which a celebrity answers 73 rapid-fire questions, often while giving a tour of their home. In this case it was a great opportunity to promote the upcoming Zoolander sequel — as well as for Ben Stiller to show off how little he’s aged in the past fifteen years. Seriously, what is he using? Is he just blue-steeling all the time? Is that a beauty trick? Should I be using it? Unfortunately that’s not one of the 73 questions he answers.

If you’re wondering whether Derek gives a normal answer to literally any of the questions asked of him, the answer is no. He wouldn’t be Derek Zoolander if he did, would he? So obviously he answers the question “What’s your spirit animal?” by saying, “I don’t believe in using animals for their spirits. Only for their fur.” And he says his least favorite subject in school was “learning.” He wants to begin a conversation about the big chafing problem in the modeling industry. He also reveals that he’s not totally sure what year it is, and he may or may not have thought this whole thing was a police interrogation.

I just hope they don’t go overboard with the Zoolander promotion. As we’ve seen before (cough, Minions, cough), things can get real annoying real fast, no matter how entertained we are initially. And Zoolander’s the type of character who’s best in small doses. The movie comes out February 12, and so far the promotion has been relatively sparing. We’ll see how things go when the release date is closer. I don’t know about you, but I predict I’ll be saying, “Ugh, enough Zoolander already!” in no time. For now, however, I’m enjoying the silliness. Tread carefully, Stiller.