Derek Hough And Nina Dobrev Keep The Memory Of Their Fakelationship Alive With A Christmas Dance War

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Nina Dobrev Christmas dance war December 2013

We all have our quirky holiday traditions. Maybe you and your family like to wear sombreros and watch A Christmas Story backwards every Christmas Eve. I won't judge. It turns out celebrities have weird holiday traditions as well. For the Hough family — that's Julianne Hough and Derek Hough, to be precise — it's become a tradition to take on Extra host and former DWTS contestant Maria Menounos in a dance war. They already did it for Thanksgiving this year, and now they've done it again for Christmas. Seems kind of unfair considering Julianne and Derek are professional dancers and all, but whatever.

This time around the battlefield looked a little different, though, because Julianne's BFF Nina Dobrev participated on the Hough side. Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Because you might remember that Nina and Derek had a “relationship” for a split second earlier this year. I put quotes around “relationship” because we at Crushable are not totally convinced it was a genuine romance. In fact, we listed their time together on our list of favorite fakelationships of 2013. Our speculation prompted lots of angry comments from people who really didn't like the idea of Derek Hough maybe being gay.

But isn't it lovely that Derek and Nina could bury the fakelationship hatchet and enjoy Christmas through the power of dance? Do you think they had a good laugh over hot chocolate and cookies about that time they pretended to enjoy kissing each other?  “Ho ho ho, what a crazy time that was. Let's celebrate the fact that we no longer have to do that by beating an entertainment news anchor in a dance-off!”

If you're interested in seeing what Nina and Derek came up with for their parts of the dance battle, check out Julianne Hough's several Instagram videos below, complete with Christmas onesies and snowball fights. Then head on over to Maria Menounos' Instagram page to see her many, MANY video responses. And then can someone please explain to me what the hell this is all about?