Meet Denise Bestman: The 11-Year-Old Breakout Star Of Target’s Adele Commercial

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Between their amazing voices and my inability to sing aloud in public, the PS22 elementary school chorus manages to blow me away every time another one of their videos go viral. Now, they've gone beyond Youtube fame and even beyond national recognition because one of their breakout singers, 11-year-old Denise Bestman, was hand selected by Target executives to star in their latest commercial for Adele's new album.

Target officials first spotted Denise in a PS 22 performance of Adele’s song that has more than a million hits on YouTube, choral director Gregg Breinberg said.

The director praised Denise’s performance in the commercial, which featured her singing in a city bus.

“She was amazing. She looked amazing,” Breinberg said of the sixth-grader, who now attends Intermediate School 51. “She sounded amazing. She did us proud.”

The commercial, featured above, aired during the Grammys and showcased Denise Bestman's impressive voice as she sang Adele's signature song, “Rolling in the Deep.”

The tone deaf woman inside of me is equal parts happy for Denise and jealous of Denise. When I was 11, my biggest claim to fame was getting holiday-themed bands on my braces.  She just starred in a commercial that not only aired during the Grammys, but also will probably lead to a lot more opportunities.

True singing talent's hard to find and it's doubtful that the music industry will let Denise return to Staten Island without setting her up to do more performing down the road. Just another day in the life of a sixth grader.

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