Demi Moore’s Daughters Give Up On Intervention, Now Not Even Speaking To Her

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Demi Moore s Daughters Give Up On Intervention  Now Not Even Speaking To Her Willis girls jpgAccording to Radar, relations between Demi Moore and her daughters — Scout, Tallulah, and Rumer Willis — have reached a ‘breaking point’. After briefly considering staging an intervention, presumably for Demi’s rumored anorexia and addiction to prescription pills, the girls are now not even speaking to their mother. It’s apparently not intended to be permanent, but Demi has been in a downward spiral ever since she and Ashton Kutcher split up, so her daughters ‘feel like they need a little distance.’ According to the source:

‘The girls were there for her through it all — the split and the rehab but…Demi is just being very needy right now and the girls are tired of it, they want a mother not another little sister. They are all concerned that she is going to relapse and head back to rehab and they can’t deal with the stress and worry of it.’

Fair enough. This whole divorce is very public and emotional, so I don’t blame the girls at all for trying to get a little space from it so Demi can figure it out on her own and try to pull it together. Demi is supposedly having a hard time coming to grips with their decision, however, as she recently showed up at Tallulah’s graduation ceremony even though her daughters had made it clear they didn’t want her there. That, and the fact that all three girls still ‘adore’ Ashton seems to be putting more strain on the¬†relationship that it can stand.

Good luck to everyone involved here, but the sooner this is cleared up the better. The girls have their naked photos, I mean careers to think about.

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