Tabloid Says Demi Moore Gained Weight, Then Uses Same Photo To Say She Lost Weight

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Well this Demi Moore weight loss/weight gain story certainly is confusing.

On Wednesday, Radar Online published a story about Demi's triumphant return from whippets rehab using a photo of her from an Instyle Fete in Beverly Hills that  she attended this week . In the post they wrote, ” While the 49-year-old was still sporting a slight frame she certainly looked like she had added a few pounds to the shockingly thin figure she showed off last year.” To which we said, “bravo!” We're all for women getting healthy.

But then today Radar Online published another Demi Moore story titled, “Demi Moore’s Extreme Weight Loss Has ‘Ravaged Her Looks’ Says Expert,” that uses a very similar photo from the same event.

How can she look great on Wednesday and deathy ill on Friday? Unless she's Beth from Little Women, it's just impossible. Quotes from this story include tidbits like:

“As she made her way down the red carpet in her first public appearance since her high profile marriage and health breakdowns, onlookers were taken aback by how shockingly skinny Demi Moore looked.”

Just two days ago everyone loved how healthy and vibrant Demi looked and now we're all in a tizzy about her extreme weight loss. What's a regular person to think when she reads these conflicting stories. I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy for Demi or worried about Demi.

Do we use this photo as an opportunity to show the many benefits of rehab or do we use to point out its obvious failure in curing Demi Moore? It's truly hard to know when the same outlet reports two conflicting stories using very similar photos.