Demi Moore Got Her Daughter A Gun Cake, Because I Guess They Need Attention

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Demi MOore at the De Re Art Gallery in West Hollywood May 2014Did you remember to pay attention to Demi Moore and her family yet this morning? You're supposed to do it in between your first and second cups of coffee, but I think you may have skipped it, because they clearly need attention. I'm not trying to throw around accusations or anything, but Demi got her daughter a gun cake for her birthday, so it seems pretty clear they're feeling a little neglected by the media.

Not like this isn't something we were already aware of. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis‘ daughter are always up to some hijinks (the only accurate word) on the internet, so I don't know why I'm surprised. I'm still scratching my head over Rumer Willis‘ sunscreen-themed parody of an Ariana Grande song, Demi herself was dating a man only two years older than her eldest daughter, and don't forget that we've seen Scout Willis‘ nipples in three-dimensional Technicolor when she took them out on a jaunt through the city to protest Instagram's image guidelines.

So of course of course Rumer also needs to have a gun cake at her birthday. Makes perfect sense. It's a little known fact that some people can only eat baked goods when they're formed into controversial shapes — it's an allergy that many celebrities have, although Christina Aguilera is probably its most famous face.

Rumer posted the above photo of her cake, which was in honor of the fact that Rumer starred in the Quentin Tarantino-themed musical ‘For The Record: Tarantino', for which she sang the song ‘Bang Bang'. So yeah, it makes sense, but it's also very on-game for Demi Moore and the Willis kids (dibs on that band name), so I'm not sure what to think except for…BUT WHAT OF TALLULAH. She should be acting out in 3…2…1…

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