Demi Lovato Comforts A Fan On Stage During The X-Factor , My Heart Grows Three Sizes

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I sat down to watch The X-Factor last night expecting that my first class ticket on the express train to Crazy Town would deliver some great results. From the judges alone I wanted psychotic fights full of nonsensical slurs, overdramatic assertions and spontaneous haircuts. I assumed they hired Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as judges for a reason. And that reason wasn't that the two are talented performers. But rather that they're talented performers who are constantly surrounded by scandal.

I mean The Voice gets this. They hired Christina Aguilera because she's a hot mess. Talented? Yes. Also a sequined disaster who leaks crazy out of her eyeballs? Yes. So needless to say I wanted to see drama.

Instead I saw a heartfelt moment with Demi Lovato during a fan's audition that my eyes trickle water. I'm told that's called crying. But as an emotionless robot blogger who only feels happiness when I see a late afternoon nip slip appear online, I felt confused by this feeling. How could I feel warm and fuzzy inside, but still feel tears coming down my face. Happy tears? How bizarre.

But that's what I felt when 19-year-old Jillian Jensen stepped onto the stage and started crying at the sight of Demi Lovato. Right there, in front of millions of viewers, she confessed that she too suffered from bullies and an eating disorder in high school — and she too got the tattoo stay strong to remind herself to stay strong. She delivered such an amazing performance through her tears that Demi Lovato got up from the judges tables, walked onto the stage and hugged her.

Every time a celebrity comes out in an interview and openly discusses their problems –whether it be an eating disorder or an addiction or a mood disorder — we hear about how it will impact fans who love them. Especially fans suffering from the very same problems. But this is the first time I really saw that happen in front of my face.

A fan who struggled from the same problems as Demi Lovato found strength in Demi's honesty and thrived because of it. How cool is that? How awesome is it to see celebrities make a positive impact in their fans lives?

Not only is it proof that celebrities need to be more honest about their problems in general, but it's also proof that I have a heart. I'm capable of having a whole range of human emotions.

So between Demi Lovato, Jillian Jensen and myself, it was a good night.

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