Demi Lovato Isn’t Anywhere Near Crazy Enough To Appropriately Judge The X Factor

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The rumors flying around the  judging table on The X Factor are coming out at such a rapid pace lately that I feel like the show's being run by middle school mean girls. Now we're hearing that tween star Demi Lovato will be joining Britney Spears, Simon Cowell and L.A Reid at the judging table for season two.

While I applaud their efforts to bring in a younger crowd by selecting the 19-year-old Disney star as a judge, she's just not the right choice for this position. Like I wrote on Friday, Britney Spears best be bringing the crazy to the show if she wants to garner the same attention as Christina Aguilera and her sparkly diaper fashion on The Voice.

That show succeeds because it hired not one, but two wonderfully delightful and charasmatic trainwrecks. Xtina and Cee Lo. Sure the contestants bring the talent, but the judges bring that bizareeness factor. Those questionable outfits, remarks and performance that have you muttering “WTF' to yourself the entire time you're watching the show.

Simon Cowell and L.A Reid, like Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, bring the legitimacy to that judging panel. Hiring Britney Spears made me think they understood the power of highlighting people who could pull the crazy tricks out of the hat any second. But hiring Demi Lovato makes me think they don't really get it.

Demi Lovato's a safe choice. People like her and people respect her. The former Disney actress turned rehab client turned aspiring non-Disney actress will be fine as a judge. She'll say nice things to the contestants and make them feel comfortable on the stage. But what fun is that to watch.

If Britney is the Xtina of The X Factor, then judge number four needs to the the Cee Lo Green. The 5-foot-tall roly poly ball of talent who wears horrible shag wigs on television. And I'm sorry to say that I just don't think Demi Lovato's ready to throw on a polyester pants suit and dance around the stage while holding onto a cat.