Demi Lovato Totally Holds Her Own Talking About Dating Joe Jonas On Chelsea Lately

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Demi Lovato on Chelsea Lately talking about Joe Jonas February 2014As much as I'm not a fan of Chelsea Handler, I have to admit that she does a killer interview. I have no idea how she gets the guests on her show to agree to show up (looking at you, Kendall and Kylie), because as soon as they sit down in the chair, she starts asking the kinds of questions that we all want the answers to, but would never have the balls to ask.

(Of course she's also remarkably tone-deaf when it comes to mental illness, weight issues, addiction, her own age, and much much more. I guess that kind of comes with the territory when you don't have a filter, which is a shame.)

BUT ANYWAY. Demi Lovato went on Chelsea Lately last night, and Chelsea didn't waste any time asking her if it's awkward that Nick Jonas is running her Neon Lights tour given that she dated his older brother, the notorious Joe Jonas, of breaking-up-with-TaylorSwift-on-the-phone fame. She said it wasn't awkward because they only dated for like a month (which I actually didn't know), and then followed a series of questions that I think would've tripped up almost any other celebrity, especially one as young as Demi.

BUT IT DIDN'T. Most celebrities either answer her questions and embarrass themselves or just sit there and laugh quietly, but not Demi! She was firing back answer and out-thinking Chelsea, to the point that even Chelsea was impressed. It was so great. My heart swelled like…another five sizes with love and pride for Demi. Just watch.

She better tone it down or there's gonna be a real mess in my chest cavity soon.