Demi Lovato Just Released Her New Single Heart Attack, And I Oddly Love It

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Demi Lovato Just Released Her New Single Heart Attack  And I Oddly Love It Demi Lovato 640x713 jpgIs there room in the ranks of the Lovatics for a lowly blogger who’s extremely late to the scene? Because I kind of really love Demi Lovato‘s brand new single Heart Attack. The song was originally supposed to premiere on March 4th, but Demi coordinated with Ryan Seacrest to release it early via his Twitter, saying:

“Surprise! We’re premiering @ddlovato‘s new song “#HeartAttack” TONIGHT!! Go listen now!”

And then he gave a link to On The Air With Ryan Seacrest, which shut down almost immediately from all the fans excited to listen to the new track. Luckily, this is the year 2013 and we don’t let Ryan Seacrest’s poor overworked servers get in our way. Have a listen to the new single, below.

Let me know what you think, but I’m kind of surprised how much I love it! I feel like it’s an impressive combination of confident and vulnerable at the same time. Demi is still only twenty years old, which blows my mind in itself, but this song has a maturity to it that I don’t think she could’ve achieved without going through the muck that she’s been working through recently as far as rumored drug use, rehab, depression, and eating disorders, etcetera. (She’s now reportedly living in a sober house, which we’re super proud of her for.) The song is theoretically written about a guy who Demi doesn’t want to put herself out there for, but it also has parallels to her non-relationship life. Especially with lines like ‘every time I try to be myself / it comes out all wrong like a cry for help”, it feels like Demi is starting to use her experiences in a productive way, which is really great to see! Particularly when it comes packaged in the type of song that I can clean my apartment to in my underoos or flail around to at a club, Miss Lovato just won herself a brand-new fan.

(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)